Why I don’t see my divorces as a failure

Nigerian Actress, Funke Akindele and husband, JJC Skillz
Nigerian Actress, Funke Akindele and husband, JJC Skillz

Funke Akindele, a Nigerian director and actress, has opened up about her divorce from her former husband, JJC Skillz. 

Funke Akindele has been in the news for weeks after she premiered her movie “A Tribe Called Judah”.

She has had many achievements in her life, but she has also had her share of setbacks including two failed marriages.

Funke Akindele recently spoke with Joyce on Wazobia about these “failures” and why she doesn’t perceive them as such.

According to her, she sees failures, challenges and obstacles as a part of her life and she understands that without those setbacks, success is unattainable.

“If you don’t fail, you can’t be successful. You have to keep trying. Like when a child is trying to walk, the child will walk small and just fall off. So it’s normal for you to fall but you just have to pick yourself and rise again.

For me, I see failure, I see challenges, I see obstacles, as part of life. My mum raised me like that. My mum will say if you do not fail, if you do not fall, you cannot succeed. So you have to keep going. And note, I do not even see the failures” she stated.

Speaking on her marriage, Funke explained that, she prioritizes her mental health, career and children than any commitment she has with any man.

Her goal, she said, is to empower and inspire a lot of people hence she will not dwell on her failed marriages and crawl into her shell.

“If you ask me now can you tell me one failure, I don’t see it as a failure. My personal life – marriage, I just take it as it comes. My mental health is very important. My career is very important, darling. I have to make an impact. I have to empower a lot of people. I have to inspire young people out there. I have to stay strong for my children and my siblings. Why am I living? I have a purpose, so my head is up. Yes I cry, yes I break down, but after I cry, I just look in the mirror and say “Keep moving” Funke stressed.

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