Vivian Jill makes shocking revelation involving a pastor

Vivian Jill
Vivian Jill

Kumawood actress Vivian Jill Lawrence has shared a troubling experience involving a pastor which nearly caused confusion in her family.

According to her, the family had welcomed the pastor into their home for eight years and even provided a place for him to establish a church.

However, Ms. Lawrence said the pastor took advantage of their hospitality.

The incident began when Vivian’s eldest child’s father had an accident. Seeking spiritual intervention, they invited the pastor to stay with them.

While the pastor prayed for her husband’s recovery, he also had ulterior motives. Over time, Vivian noticed a negative change in her family dynamics.

Her child’s father began acting differently, and when she investigated, he revealed that the pastor claimed she wanted to harm him.

The pastor had manipulated not only him but also Vivian’s mother and aunt, creating tension within the family.

“When Clinton’s father got involved in an accident, he stayed at my house until he recovered. During his recovery days, we invited a pastor into our house and he stayed there for eight years. I was only about 16-years-old. My family was going through a lot and we thought a pastor would deliver us from our situation, which was why he stayed with us. He prayed for my husband and engaged us in some church activities.

“It got to a point Harry (baby daddy) was giving me attitude. He suddenly changed, my mother also changed and my auntie as well. It went on for some time until I found out what was going on with him. He opened up to me and said the pastor says I want to kill him. I informed my mother and auntie about it and not knowing, he had polluted their minds too and was planning to break the family”. she explained.

Now, Vivian Jill Lawrence is wary of pastors and the impact of their words, having experienced firsthand the potential harm they can cause.

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