Safo Newman’s ‘Akokoa’ gains traction, hits number 7 on Apple Music charts

Safo Newman | credit: @safonewman
Safo Newman | credit: @safonewman

Safo Newman has become the latest sensation in Ghana’s music space after his videos went viral on X over the weekend.

He was trending steadily until Sarkodie endorsed his ‘raw’ talent, cementing him as one of the budding artiste projected to go far in the industry.

Since then, social media users including celebrities have lauded the musician, who is also a Career Technology teacher at Cosmos Basic School at Lapaz, for his lyrical prowess in his buzzing ‘Akokoa’ song.

Safo Newman has been garnering followers on the X platform.

In his first radio interview, Safo Newman said his song is about real life experiences.

“It is about things I have seen and things that happened around me growing up. I am talking about people who are highly religious and pray to God, but they still go ahead to maltreat others,” he explained on TV XYZ.

Talking about Sarkodie’s endorsement, Safo Newman said it was news to him, but he wasn’t too surprised because he knows his song is a “good product”.

Meanwhile, Safo Newsman’s ‘Akokoa’ was adjudged Song of the week on Adom Super Weekend News.

In less than a week, he has shot to number 7 on the Apple Music’s Top 100 Ghana.

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