Prince David Osei’s response to critics after sharing fake news on social media

Prince David Osei
Prince David Osei

Actor and political activist, Prince David Osei, has been dragged on social media for sharing false news and making mockery of the events of The New Force group, led by Freedom Jacob Caesar.

The actor had shared a ews post which suggested that Patrice Lumumba, one of the speakers who was billed to speak at the “Igniting the voices of Africa” scheduled to be held at the Black Stars Square in Accra had expressed his disappointment at the new force group, saying that if he knew the real intention of the movement, he would not have come.

“If I knew the real intention of the convention, I wouldn’t have come. I was misled by the New Africa Foundation,” Mr Lumumba was quoted to have said.

Sharing the quote on his Twitter page, Prince David made a mockery of the situation, while insinuating that organizers had scammed the speakers.

“Boys are bad, programming and packaging only, Ghana stay by plan,” he wrote in a mixture of English and the Twi language followed by plenty laughing emojis.

However, soon after his post was made, Ghanaian journalist, Olele Salvador, who was present at the press conference held following the cancellation of the convention, shared video evidence from Mr Lumumba’s speech, and in the speech, there was no mention of him feeling scammed by the group.

Knowing that he had been caught in a pickle, Prince David quickly deleted his post, to which Olele responded advising him to desist from spreading false news, especially in an election year when tempers are high.

“.@PrinceDavidOsei you’ve deleted your post; don’t do that again. By all means have your bias but spreading false news & deliberately misinforming your community in such a tensed political climate in an election year is unpardonable. Here’s the full speech for your perusal,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, reacting to all of this, Prince David Osei said he was only making fun of the situation, citing that it was all parody.

“It is called PARODY!!! If you take it personal that’s your own headache, literature student will appreciate the exaggerated humor 😃 I am an artist,” he wrote on X.

Read Patrice Lumumba’s full speech from the press conference below:

“We came here to Accra Ghana to share a message, a message of hope, a message that Africa needs at this time, and there’s no better place in the continent of Africa to begin that message than Accra Ghana. It is in this Accra Ghana, that Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, almost 67 years ago, spoke to the world, and they told the world, that the independence of Ghana meant nothing if the continent of Africa was not freed. 67 years later, we were congregating here in Accra to share the message of hope, invited as we were by the New Africa Foundation with one single instruction that we have lamented for too long, agonized for too long, and the time is now to organize. That is the innocent message we came here to deliver. And in a manner inexplicable to us, we are not at that venue. But is it not the wise to say that when the world serves you a lemon, ask not for an orange, make yourself a lemonade. We are here therefore to say the message will be alive and well, and you are here, young and old, you are the conduit via which we are now telling the world that the journey of hope continues a pace not only within the continent of Africa which is the mother continent, but to Africans in the diaspora. I have no doubt in my mind that there’s a conspiracy sort by the elements that is sharpened the way it has happened. So this is not an occasion for lamentation, it is an occasion for redoubling our efforts and our presence here in Accra Ghana.”


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