It shouldn’t take Mahama too long to settle in if NDC wins – Bokpin on ‘honeymoon’ plea

Professor Godfred Bokpin

A lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Godfred Bokpin has advised the National Democratic Congress (NDC) not to delay in addressing key issues if they emerge victorious in the upcoming elections.

He emphasized on JoyNews that one of the primary actions should be a reduction in the size of the government and a limitation on the number of ministers to 40.

Mr. Bokpin underscored the urgency of addressing pressing national issues promptly upon assuming power.

“Some time can be devoted to reviewing the past. Yes, we will do that but more time should be devoted to doing the right thing from day one. There cannot be any longer honeymoon.”

Speaking on the AM Show, he stated that since John Mahama had previously served as president, he should be able to implement changes and improvements quickly.

According to Mr. Bokpin, any attempts to blame the current government for the country’s problems could lead to disaffection among the people.

“So we will need to court both the opposition and then your own people along a certain path. Without that, you may not be able to carry through the structural reforms, which will be very painful. There will be too much division.”

He added that, the development of Ghana should be a unifying force, rather than something that divides the people

“Development must be about people, preserve our planet earth and peace. So the development that divides Ghanaians is not development. We want development that brings Ghanaians together as one people regardless of our tribal affiliations.”

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