I will continue to take ‘gari and shito’ when travelling abroad – Dan Kweku Yeboah responds to Nyantakyi

Kwesi Nyantakyi
Kwesi Nyantakyi

A sports presenter with Accra-based Peace FM, Dan Kwaku Yeboah, says it is not an unusual thing for a Ghanaian to travel abroad with “gari” and “shito”.

For him, even rich people take gari and shito [cassava flakes and hot pepper sauce] when travelling abroad hence wondered why people were making mockery of him for travelling abroad with gari and shito.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah’s reaction follows a revelation by former Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Kwesi Nyantakyi that he had been of immense help to many Ghanaian sports journalists including Dan Kweku Yeboah.

Appearing on Bola Ray’s Starr Chat radio programme last week, Kwesi Nyantakyi explained that during a tournament in Australia in 2008, when he was going for dinner one time, he noticed Dan Kwaku Yeboah was not going with them and when he inquired, he [Dan] told him that he brought gari and shito from Ghana, which he was going to eat for dinner.

Mr Nyantakyi said, upon hearing about the gari and shito narrative by Kwaku Yeboah, he advised the sports journalist to throw it away and go with him to the restaurant for a decent meal.   

For the former GFA boss, who was speaking in reaction to Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Number 12 documentary that caused his resignation from his post, he said even though he was disappointed with the manner in which many of the journalists joined the public to further tarnish his image, he holds no grudges against any of them.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah is noted for his comic stories on radio especially on the Peace FM morning show. And so following the revelation by Kwesi Nyantakyi, many have resorted to mocking him on why he chews gari and shito on his international travels.

However, reacting to the issue on Peace FM on Tuesday, [January 16, 2024], Dan Kwaku Yeboah wondered why Mr Nyantakyi wanted him to come to his defence.

Speaking amidst laughter, Dan Kwaku Yeboah said there was no way he could have defended the former GFA President considering the various corrupt allegations that had been leveled against him.

For him, there was nothing wrong with him taking gari and shito to Australia, explaining that he will continue to travel with gari and shito anytime, citing an example that even on his private trips, he goes with gari and shito.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah also advised the former GFA boss to keep quiet and instead thank God for being let to go free after his incident.

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