I made my first Million Pounds at age 21 – Cheddar

The leader of the New Force movement, Nana Kwame Bediako, widely known as Cheddar has recounted how he made his first million pounds at the age of 21 in London, United Kingdom.

He revealed that, the source of this financial success was a combination of ventures in telecommunications and the strategic business including selling scraps.

Detailing his entrepreneurial journey, Cheddar explained that, he invested $20,000 from his initial million-dollar earnings to establish a nightclub in Ghana in 2002.

“The first money I made in England altogether was a million pounds and I was 21. I was working for myself, my company was GT, Global Telecommunications and Utilities and I was selling scrap. I had my own office and I had two employees” he said in an interview on Citi TV.

Cheddar also promised to give the youth opportunities to be part of the country’s decision-making processes including choosing leaders if voted as President.

“I think that the New Force is standing for the youth in this country. We believe that in the past four decades, the youth should have the right to be a part of the decision. How and who is going to lead us and how they are supposed to lead us,” he said.

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