GPRTU to increase transport fares by 60%

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has reiterated its decision to enforce a 60 percent increase in transport fares this year.

This is to coincide with the implementation of the Emission Levy Bill in January 2024.

The recently approved Emissions Levy Bill, passed by Parliament, imposes an annual fee of GH¢100 on all owners of petrol and diesel cars, effective January 2024.

The government’s objective behind this tax is to encourage the use of environmentally friendly energy sources for vehicle power, aligning with its commitment to climate-positive actions and carbon offset initiatives.

In response to this developments, the GPRTU has submitted a petition to the Speaker of Parliament, urging a reconsideration of the Emission Levy Bill.

Public Relations Officer for GPRTU, Abbas Imoro expressed concerns about the additional tax burden on the union, citing existing financial challenges.

“We are already paying for emissions, 10 pesewas for a liter. So you can imagine 10 pesewas multiplied by 4.5 for a gallon, multiplied by the several gallons you use in a day, times 26 working days in a month. You can imagine how much one driver pays for it. We pleaded with Parliament that they should take a second look at it,” he explained on Citi News.

“But we did indicate that if nothing is done or if nothing can be done about it, then, of course, we have other problems as well. We will organize ourselves and come out with an upward adjustment of lorry fares, not less than 60%,” he added.

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