Dzodze Traditional authority calls out Daniel Kodzo Dzaka over false claim to chieftaincy title

The Dzodze Traditional Area has vehemently disputed recent claims made by one Daniel Kodzo Dzaka, who asserted himself as Torgbuiga Dzoku V at the Ghana Leadership Awards ceremony on December 23, 2023.

After meticulous verification and consultation with traditional authorities, it has been conclusively affirmed that Mr Dzaka does not legitimately hold the title of Torgbuiga Dzoku V.

The recognized chief of the traditional area, Moses Kodzo Dordunu, retains the legitimate position, and any contrary claims by Mr Dzaka are deemed baseless and misleading.

Chieftaincy matters are of paramount importance to the community, and the misrepresentation of such titles not only undermines cultural heritage but also poses a risk of causing confusion and disharmony among the people.

The traditional leaders, in collaboration with relevant authorities, are taking legal actions to address this issue and ensure the preservation of the sanctity of their traditional titles.

The community has urged the media to support in disseminating accurate information to the public, thereby dispelling any misinformation surrounding this matter.

The Dzodze Traditional Area at a press conference affirmed its commitment to upholding the integrity of its traditional leadership and preserving the rich cultural heritage that defines its identity.

The community calls for unity and cooperation during this period, emphasizing the importance of accurate representation in matters concerning chieftaincy titles.

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