Central Region recorded 664 fire cases in 2023

File photo: Fire tender

The Central Region recorded 664 fire incidents in 2023 as against 570 in 2022, the regional office of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has said.

This means that the region experienced 94 more fire cases than it did in 2022, representing an increase of 16.5 per cent.

However, none of the incidents was fatal unlike in 2022 where two people died in the 570 cases recorded.

DOIII Abdul Wasiu Hudu, the Regional Public Relations Officer (PRO), told the Ghana News Agency that although it was normal to see a rise in fire incidents as settlements expanded, the rate of increase was worrying.

Bushfires, he said, jumped significantly from 114 in 2022 to 159 in 2023 with majority of the cases caused by farmers and hunters.

He said domestic fires also rose to 234 in 2023 from 195 in 2022, most of which were caused by electrical faults as a result of poor wiring, and LPG accidents.

“Burning of rubbish also caused some commercial fires,” he added.

On the brighter side, DOIII Hudu said institutional fires such as schools and markets decreased by about 20 per cent from 35 to 25 while vehicular cases also reduced to 60 from 62.

He, however, noted that majority of the vehicular fires could have been prevented or controlled if the drivers had extinguishers.

“Every vehicle should have a fire extinguisher because it is more important than any part of the vehicle,” DOIII Hudu said.

“By all means you should have one in your car, unless you are irresponsible.”

Detailing other cases attended to,  the PRO said the Service made 125 road traffic extrications, handled one flood incident and six incidents of bee attacks in which 10 people were injured.

“There were four well rescues where two died and two survived, one rescue from a septic tank and one case of electrocution,” he explained.

The Service, however, received 34 prank calls in 2023.

DOIII Hudu, expressing disquiet over the incidence, said fire safety was a shared responsibility and entreated the public to avoid such prank calls and religiously follow all protocols to ensure the safety of all. 

With bushfires being the major concern, he said the Service would continue to sensitise stakeholders on the laws against bush burning and its consequences to mitigate such incidents.

“It’s illegal to burn bushes and you will be held accountable if your actions lead to bushfires,” he warned. 

The Fire Officer said the major challenge of the Service was the long distances they covered to attend to distress calls.

That, he noted, increased the response time for which reason some of the incidents went out of control.

He, therefore, appealed for more fire stations to save lives and property.


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