“Afriyie-Ankrah Denounces Fake News: Dismisses Allegations of NDC Gurus Swearing Blood Oath”

Title: “Afriyie-Ankrah Refutes Baseless Claims: Denounces Fake News on Alleged NDC Gurus Swearing Blood Oath”

In a recent press conference, seasoned politician and National Democratic Congress (NDC) member, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah, vehemently dismissed what he labeled as “fake news” surrounding allegations that prominent NDC figures had engaged in a blood oath ceremony. The seasoned political figure addressed the media to set the record straight and clarify the misinformation circulating in certain quarters.

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Accra, [Date] – In a bid to quash unfounded rumors and dispel misinformation, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah, a prominent member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), held a press conference today, categorically denying allegations that certain NDC gurus had participated in a blood oath ceremony.

The baseless claims, which had been circulating on social media platforms and some news outlets, alleged that high-ranking members of the NDC had sworn a blood oath as part of a secret pact. Afriyie-Ankrah, known for his commitment to transparency and integrity in politics, took the opportunity to address these rumors head-on.

During the press conference, Afriyie-Ankrah began by expressing his disappointment with the spread of false information, emphasizing the need for responsible journalism and accurate reporting. He asserted that the allegations of a blood oath ceremony were entirely fabricated and designed to tarnish the reputation of the NDC and its leadership.

“I want to categorically state that these claims are nothing but fake news,” Afriyie-Ankrah declared. “There is no truth to the allegations of a blood oath ceremony involving NDC gurus. It’s a blatant attempt to mislead the public and create unnecessary panic.”

The seasoned politician urged the public to be discerning consumers of information, emphasizing the importance of fact-checking before sharing or believing sensationalized stories. He also called on media houses to uphold journalistic ethics by verifying information before disseminating it to the public.

As news of the press conference spread, the hashtag #AfriyieAnkrahSpeaksOut began trending on social media, with users expressing their support for the NDC member’s commitment to dispelling false narratives. Many users called for responsible journalism and urged their peers to be cautious about sharing unverified information.

Afriyie-Ankrah concluded the press conference by reaffirming his dedication to the principles of truth and accountability in politics. He encouraged the public to focus on substantive issues facing the nation and not be swayed by sensationalized and baseless claims.

The press conference serves as a reminder of the challenges political figures face in an era of rapid information dissemination and the importance of discernment in navigating the complex landscape of news and rumors. As the NDC continues its political activities, Afriyie-Ankrah’s swift response stands as a testament to the party’s commitment to transparency and honesty in the face of adversity.

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