Adu Safowaah to attempt speech-a-thon 

ADUSAFOWAAH SPEECH_A_THON |PC: Instagram@globaladusafowah

Ghanaian showbiz personality, Regina Adu Safowaah, is gearing up to make an attempt at the Guinness World Records for the longest speech marathon.

The record-setting endeavor is scheduled to unfold at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel from February 9 to 14, 2024.

In a conversation with Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM’s Twitter Spaces, Safowaah revealed her intention to focus on topics that highlight Ghana and Africa during the marathon.

She emphasized that although the subjects for the longest speech marathon are not specified, she aims to address issues of public significance, presenting herself as a public figure or lecturer discussing life matters.

Safowaah outlined her plan to delve into the culture, beliefs, and essence of the Greater Accra Region as part of her extensive speech.

Remarkably, she will be using English, French, and Twi as her chosen languages.

The Guinness World Records attempt comes with specific rules, allowing for a question and answer session, provided the questioners remain unseen.

Each speech must last a minimum of 5 minutes, with pauses not exceeding 30 seconds in between speeches.

The activity must be continuous, and the speeches must be unscripted, spontaneous, and significantly diverse from one another.

Regina Adu Safowaah, known for her roles as an actor, creative director, entrepreneur, and CEO of Aketesia Group, will join the ranks of Ghanaian record-setters, following Afua Asantewaa (sing-a-thon), Chef Failatu Abdul Razak (cook-a-thon), Ace-Liam Nana Sam (youngest artist), and Dela Gomey (lipstick applications in 30 seconds).

Meanwhile, reports indicate that nearly 400 Ghanaians have submitted applications to Guinness World Records for participation in various record-setting attempts.

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