WhatsApp introduces chat lock feature for more privacy

Chat Lock feature has been launched globally for WhatsApp users starting from Monday
Chat Lock feature has been launched globally for WhatsApp users starting from Monday

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, made an announcement on Monday regarding the introduction of a new feature that empowers users to secure their WhatsApp chats with a passcode.

By implementing this feature, WhatsApp users can now ensure the privacy of their most sensitive conversations and protect them from unauthorized access by individuals who may have possession of their mobile phones or personal devices containing the chat data.

The chat lock feature, as explained by Meta, permits users to place a conversation within a protected file that can only be accessed through their device’s passcode or biometric measures such as fingerprint recognition. 

Moreover, activating the chat lock feature automatically conceals conversation details in notifications, ensuring that no sensitive information such as the sender’s name, picture, or message content is revealed in WhatsApp notifications.

Meta reasserted its primary objective and ongoing dedication to finding innovative solutions that uphold message privacy and security. 

In their announcement about the new feature, Meta stated, “We’re introducing Chat Lock, which lets you protect your most intimate chats with an extra layer of security.”

Meta anticipates that this feature will prove advantageous to individuals who occasionally share their phones with family members or find themselves in situations where someone else temporarily accesses their device while private conversations are ongoing.

The company provided instructions on how to use the new feature, stating that users can lock a chat by selecting the name of an individual or group on WhatsApp and opting for the lock option. 

To access locked chats, users simply need to navigate to their WhatsApp inbox and enter the device passcode or utilize biometric measures like fingerprint recognition.

Looking ahead, Meta announced plans to introduce additional options for chat locking in the coming months, including device-specific locks and the ability to create a dedicated password for chats.

These enhancements will allow users to employ a unique and separate password for their conversations, distinct from the one used to unlock their phones.

The “Chat Lock” feature has been rolled out globally to WhatsApp users, commencing from Monday.

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