No complacency despite mass defections hitting Ketu North NPP – Edem Agbana

Following news of the NPP suffering from mass defections in the Ketu North constituency, the parliamentary candidate of the NDC in the constituency, Edem Agbana ha said the NDC will not be complacent ahead of the December 7 general elections.

The former Deputy National Youth Organizer of the NDC reiterated their resolve to fight for every single vote in the constituency, stating “President Mahama’s victory is the ultimate, and I will never be happy as an MP in opposition, so whatever it will take,we must work hard for JM to be President in 2025”.

“The defections are good, it motivates us to work harder to attract more, but we cannot and will never be complacent” he said in an interview on Power FM Friday.

At a rally held in Dzodze in the Ketu North constituency, the immediate past NPP constituency organizer, Bernard Akpabli popularly known as Agbeli, and 200 others defected from the NPP to join the NDC.

This follows reports of other defections that have hit the Ketu North NPP since May 2023.

According to reports, at community engagements held in Tsiaveme, Akpatoeme, Huive, Ablorme, Kpordoave and other places in the constituency, some known NPP members publicly denounced their membership and joined the NDC promising to work hard for the victory of Edem Agbana and former President Mahama.

Mr. Agbeli’s defection broke the camel’s back as he is deemed as one of the most dedicated members of the NPP in the constituency.

However, Edem Agbana who obviously appears very prepared for the battle ahead has said, he and his team will never rest because of the defections but rather, they will be motivated to work harder to give Mr. Mahama over 90 percent of valid the votes.

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