Maverick research, Sentione, unite to introduce advanced social listening service in Sub-Sahara Africa

Maverick Research, a prominent insights and strategy consultancy, and SentiOne have joined forces to introduce an innovative social listening service tailored for businesses operating in Sub Sahara Africa.

SentiOne is a renowned provider of AI-powered social media listening tools.

This partnership aims to deliver unprecedented social media intelligence, combining the regional expertise of Maverick Research with SentiOne’s cutting-edge AI technology.

The newly launched social listening service offers real-time monitoring of various social media platforms, enabling businesses to gain crucial insights into consumer behaviour, trends, and sentiments.

Powered by advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing, the service analyzes both social and online media data to extract valuable information.

These insights can then be utilized by businesses to shape their marketing strategies, enhance product development, and manage their brands more effectively.

“We are thrilled to partner with SentiOne to offer an advanced social listening service to businesses in Sub Sahara Africa,” said Ato, Managing Principal of Maverick Research. “Given the rapid growth of social media in the region, businesses require reliable tools to monitor and analyze social media conversations. Our collaboration with SentiOne allows us to combine our regional expertise with their state-of-the-art AI-powered tools, providing valuable insights that help businesses stay ahead of the competition.”

Bartosz Bazinski, CEO of SentiOne, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to collaborate with Maverick Research to bring our AI-powered social listening tools to businesses in Sub Sahara Africa. Our platform utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze social media data in real time, extracting valuable insights. Through this partnership, we can deliver these insights to businesses in the region, assisting them in making informed decisions that drive growth.”

Businesses in Sub Sahara Africa can now access the social listening service provided by Maverick Research and SentiOne.

To learn more about the service or request additional information, interested parties are encouraged to contact

Maverick Research is a leading insight and strategy consultancy in Sub Sahara Africa, specializing in research-based insights and strategic consulting services.

Leveraging their deep regional expertise and strategic thinking, Maverick Research provides actionable insights that drive growth for businesses across the region.

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