Lydia Forson’s all-important message to govt, ECG over power outages

Lydia Forson | photo credit: @Lydiaforson/Instagram

Actress and social commentator, Lydia Forson, has taken to social media to express her frustration about the recent electricity fluctuations in the country.

She urged government to be transparent about the situation and provide a schedule if ‘dumsor’ [erratic power supply] has returned.

In a series of tweets, Lydia Forson gave updates of her electricity situation while ranting on how she has enjoyed electricity just few hours in a day.

“If there’s dumsor, tell us, let us charge our phones before wai. My lights were off the entire night, came back at dawn. They’re off again, and it’s been almost 4 hours. If #Dumsor is back – just send us a schedule, I don’t think that’s too much to ask? Still no electricity,” she tweeted.

Expressing her dissatisfaction with the lack of information, Ms. Forson directed her frustration towards the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), accusing them of playing games on their social media pages instead of providing clear updates on the power situation

She also bemoaned the decision by government to introduce a power consumption tax when they is unstable power supply.

Lydia Forson added that, her concerns is in the interest of the state and not driven by political motives.

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