If I get the chance to see Mohbad again, I will warn him to be careful about the woman he marries – Father

The father of the late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, better known as Mohbad, Joseph Aloba, has revealed what he would tell his son if he gets the opportunity to see him again.

In a recent interview on Max FM, Mr. Joseph, a clergyman and singer, shared that he would caution his son to be careful about the woman he chooses to marry.

When the interviewer probed further, the father, who has never hidden his dislike for his late son’s wife, Wunmi, claimed that she and her family did a lot of damage to Mohbad.

He asserted that they didn’t genuinely care about his son and were only after what they could gain from him.

Speaking on his son’s wedding to Wunmi, Mr. Joseph hinted that he was not fully in support of it, as they only went to visit Wunmi’s parents for the introduction ceremony, unaware that it would turn into a wedding.

He also disclosed that Mohbad paid his wife’s dowry without the family’s input or approval. He emphasized that he didn’t expect the wedding, and Wunmi’s addition to their family came as a surprise to him.

Recall that Mohbad passed away on Tuesday, September 12th 2023, under strange circumstances. He is survived by his wife and their son.

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