I made GH¢2million in just 5 days during Christmas

Kwaw Kese

Ghanaian musician, Kwaw Kese is excited about his financial success, revealing that he made a lot of money in 2023, especially during the Yuletide.

In an interview, he revealed he earned an impressive GH¢2 million in just five days during the Christmas period.

Kwaw Kese didn’t specify how he achieved such feat, but said it was between December 25th and 31st.

He expressed gratitude to God for a good financial year and looks forward to triple blessings in 2024.

In a message to the youth, Kwaw Kese advised them to be true to themselves, stay original, and work hard.

He cited how he has become a household name through dedication and staying true to his roots to buttress his point.

Fans have congratulated Kwaw Kese for his business skills. People are eager to see what he will achieve in the coming year.

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