Huawei unveils joint fellowship with ITU to promote digital inclusion

Huawei Technologies Ghana has announced a partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to promote digital inclusion.

The initiative which was launched on Monday at the 2023 Huawei Sustainability Forum is dubbed the Generation Connect Youth Leadership Programme.

The Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau, Dr. Cosmas Luckyson Zavazava, speaking at the launch said the programme aligns with ITU’s commitment to youth empowerment through ICT and the United Nations Youth 2030 initiative.

He explained the project involves a structured mentorship to nurture leadership potential and turn innovative ideas into real projects.

Dr Cosmas added it involves promoting digital inclusion and delivering technology
enablers to support implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau, Dr. Cosmas Luckyson Zavazava

“I thank Huawei for this partnership. Today’s youth are true digital natives who carry new perspectives and new ideas. We want the youth to dismantle barriers, build bridges, and set audacious goals for themselves and for others.

“Through the ITU and Huawei joint effort, they will learn, contribute, and lead in the digital-first
world. A powerful digital ecosystem is a prerequisite for accelerating the achievement of SDGs.
We want the youth to push the envelope on the evolving global digital ecosystem and make their contributions,” he noted.

Chairman of the Huawei Board, Liang Hua, stated that next-generation digital infrastructure, like connectivity and computing power, are as vital to driving socio-economic development as our physical infrastructure, just like roads.

This new infrastructure, he therefore acknowledged will be crucial to sustainable development for all of society.

“As we enter an intelligent world at full speed, digital technologies like 5G, AI, and cloud computing are reshaping how we live and work. They are converging and seeing broad adoption in a number of domains, including smart homes, smart cities, smart travel, intelligent quality inspection, advanced robotics, and enhanced weather forecasts.

“Connectivity is playing an important role in every aspect of our lives. It makes our lives easier, our economies stronger, and our environment greener. Everyone should have access to stable
connectivity. We see connectivity not just as a basic right for every person, but also as a
cornerstone of the digital economy,” he added.

The President of ICT Marketing, Huawei, Jeffrey Zhou, on his part stated digital technologies are rapidly reshaping our world, bringing about tremendous increases in efficiency and productivity across industries and across society.

“However, while we are witnessing the acceleration of the global digitalization process, we are also seeing the digital divide further widening.

“Over the past four years, we have joined hands with global partners to bridge the digital divide and promote sustainable development around four areas: equitable and quality education, protecting the fragile environment, promoting health and well-being, and promoting balanced development,” Mr Zhou touted.


In 2022, Huawei joined the ITU’s Partner2Connect Digital Coalition. As part of our membership, Huawei pledged to bring connectivity to more than 120 million people across remote areas in more than 80 countries by 2025 by leveraging technologies and services such as 5G and AI.

While it is important to ensure that everyone has basic connectivity, we should also remember the vital role technology plays in fueling economic growth and protecting the natural world.

Investments in broadband networks and other ICT infrastructure stimulate economies by encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses and enabling companies to offer new services.

At the same time, digital technology protects the environment by reducing the environmental impact of economic development.


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