How a street fight almost destroyed my plans to travel abroad

Budding boxer, Freezy MacBones, has shared details of his first travel abroad and how a street fight almost shattered his plans.

As an aspiring traveler, he recounted how he traveled to Accra for the first time for documentation and interview for his trip to London.

Fortunately, he was granted a visa in two weeks and he also purchased a ticket and other essential items with his savings.

However, he was involved in a street fight which landed him behind bars, causing him to miss the travel deadline.

The setback occurred when Freezy’s bike spread dust on a car, sparking fury from the occupants; three boys and a girl, who subsequently attacked him.

They trailed him to his stop point and the altercation escalated in the streets of Asokore, leading Freezy to defend himself.

In the scuffle, he delivered a punch that left one of the attackers unconscious for two weeks.

He narrated how the victim filed a police report against him for which he found himself behind bars for days.

To resolve the matter, Freezy said he used his savings to compensate the aggrieved parties and they later agreed to settle out of court through the intervention of the Asokore queen mother.

Undeterred, he renewed his documents and his dream of going to the UK for his first-ever trip became a reality.

Upon arriving in London, Freezy faced unexpected challenges, from misjudging the weather and purchasing heavy jackets suitable for winter, unknown to him that it was summer.

His journey took an unexpected turn as he found himself temporarily living as a squatter, facing eviction.

The famous boxer said he had to sleep in busses until he found a temporary shelter.

Despite the hardships, Freezy said he managed to navigate his way until he landed a job as a chef that sustained him for a while.

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