GSS begin fieldwork for the Ghana 2024 Integrated Business Establishment Survey Phase I

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) wishes to inform the General Public that starting today January 15, 2024, field data collection for the 2024 Ghana Integrated Business Establishment Survey Phase I (IBES I) has officially commenced.

About 14,000 Field Officers have been trained and deployed by the Service across the country for the data collection exercise.

The IBES I focuses on a comprehensive list of all business entities within the country.

Within the period of field data collection, the Field Officers will be visiting every structure and space in their assigned areas to enumerate all business entities identified, including businesses operating in structures, businesses operating in open spaces, mobile businesses and virtual businesses.

Thus, all business entities that conduct activities in Ghana are to be covered, regardless of the location, status or size.

The overarching goal of IBES I is to compile a detailed list of businesses, capturing essential characteristics that contribute to the development of a robust Statistical Business Register and other key statistical indicators to enhance national development. Among others, IBES 1 will provide updated data on:

  1. Activities, locations, ownership, ages, and sizes of businesses to inform policy, planning, and monitoring of business growth and national development programmes.
  2. The current structure of Ghana’s economy, to facilitate the revision of key macroeconomic indicators including Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Producer Price Index (PPI), and the Index of Industrial Production (IIP).
  3. Employment status of workers employed by businesses to help bridge the gap between the labour needs of firms and the available skills.
  4. Characteristics of the informal sector to guide the development of policies aimed at formalising the economy and improving the welfare of workers in the various sectors.

The General Public is informed that the Field Officers would be identified by their Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES) Vests and Identification Cards. The Public is encouraged to cooperate with the IBES Field Officers by providing all the needed information to ensure a successful field data collection exercise.

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) is grateful to institutions, organisations and individuals for the support received so far and asks for further cooperation to ensure a successful implementation of this important national exercise.

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