Give us honeymoon period to put things in place if we win – Mahama

Former President John Mahama is urging Ghanaians, particularly trade and labour groups, to grant him a grace period if he successfully regains power.

This request comes in response to the increased demand for improved conditions of service from these groups.

Addressing attendees at a ‘Campus Connect’ event in Hohoe, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer stressed the importance of allowing time to revive the economy before tackling specific demands.

“And you will realize the harm that the NPP administration has done to Ghana’s economy. This country is broke, and so we will beg you that when we come into office give us a bit of a honeymoon, let’s put things in place so that we bring the economy back onto its feet.”

Mahama emphasized that his party is exercising caution in making promises for the 2024 election, considering the challenges facing the ailing economy.

“And I will plead with the teachers union, GNAT, NAGRAT, UTAG and TEWU and all of them, I know all of you are clamoring for allowances. Let me caution you that in 2025 when we take over we will show you the books and the finances of this country.”

Mr Mahama was speaking during his ‘Building Ghana’ tour of the Volta where he assured that his campaign would not engage in outrageous pledges ahead of the 2024 election.

“And when we have done that we can accede to your demands again, and that’s why I’m being very measured in the promises that I make because we all know the crises in which this country has been plunged”.

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