Focus on the message, not the messenger – Cheddar on his Presidential ambitions


It has been nearly a week since Ghanaian businessman Nana Kwame Bediako announced his intentions to run for President.

The real estate player’s declaration caused a stir among a section of Ghanaians after he revealed himself as the much-talked-about ‘Man In the Mask.’

People have since begun to assess his fortunes and look forward to the ideas he has to share regarding his plan for Ghana’s future.

However, some have questioned his public appearance and juxtaposed it against this newfound political ambition.

The 43-year-old has been spotted on numerous occasions breaking bread with top-tier celebrities both locally and internationally including Floyd Mayweather among others.

This topic surfaced during an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Friday, January 12, 2024.

Cheddar, as he is known, believes that people’s perception of his persona may have been misconstrued.

According to him, his lifestyle is not that of a mere celebrity but rather, “it’s me cherishing my relationships with people and letting them respect my vision.”

On this note, he urged Ghanaians to refocus their attention on the substance of his message and not the auxiliaries.

“They are just looking at the glittery part and who is the star and all of that. Don’t just concentrate on the messenger, you need to concentrate on the message hence that’s why I came with a mask. Because I was asking the country which one are you choosing? Are you choosing the face that you want to find? Or you’re going to look for the message that this person is bringing?” he quizzed.

On January 7, the elusive ‘Man in the Mask,’ who for many months agitated the minds of many in the Ghanaian political space with his stealth campaign, ‘The New Force’, unveiled himself as the new ‘messiah’ to rebuild Ghana and Africa.

Taking the stage at a hurriedly organised press conference engendered by the Government of Ghana’s 11th-hour cancellation of a rally dubbed ‘The Convention 2024’ Nana Kwame Bediako said he was no one to be scared of.

The Convention, set in Accra, had assembled influential African thought leaders like Professor PLO Lumumba, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao from Zimbabwe and Peter Obi to discuss key challenges confronting the continent’s development.

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