Eduwatch condemns ‘inhuman treatment’ of UG student for allegedly being ‘gay’

An advocacy organisation, Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch) has condemned the ‘inhuman treatment’ meted out to a University of Ghana student for allegedly being gay.

In a widely circulated video, the student in question was forcibly undressed, subjected to physical assault, and compelled to walk around the campus.

Eduwatch in a statement issued on January 16, described such an act as “criminal, inhuman and degrading.”

“We regret that such cruel treatment was recorded on video and circulated on social media.

“Eduwatch condemns in no uncertain terms this criminal, inhuman and degrading act which violates the individual’s right to dignity and freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment, as enshrined in Article 15 of the 1992 Constitution,” portions of the statement noted.

Eduwatch called on Ghanaians to desist from carrying on instant justice since the country is governed by laws.

They also urged the Vice Chancellor and the Ghana Police Service “to initiate rapid investigations into this barbaric act, bring the perpetrators to justice, identify the victim and provide the necessary health support.”

Eduwatch, again, called for increased security on campuses to ensure the safety of human lives.

This comes at a time Parliament is seeking to pass the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2021.

The Bill, which has generated a lot of attention locally and internationally, seeks to curb the acknowledgement and promotion of any rights of LGBTQI+ individuals or groups.

It criminalises sex between persons of the same sex, between a man or woman and an animal or object, proposing imprisonment of between 3 and 5 years.

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