Dating you will make me a sugar mummy – Delay tells Freezy Macbones 

Delay and Freezy Macbones
Delay and Freezy Macbones

Freezy Macbones’s interview on The Delay Show took an unexpected turn when the host alluded to his age, suggesting that dating him would equate to being his sugar mummy.

This occurred shortly after the boxer had openly expressed his admiration for Delay and his aspiration to marry the media personality.

Famed for his victorious bout in April 2023, the UK-based Ghanaian boxer was chronicling the amateur fights he won, which were preceded by five losses. He talked about how he remained resolute despite the defeats when the age factor was revisited in the conversation.

He said: “In my amateur days, it was simple: knock my opponent out, or I lose. That’s the essence of my unique style. I experienced a tough stretch, losing five consecutive fights out of eighteen. Despite the setbacks, I emerged victorious in fourteen or thirteen of them. If I had given up, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every loss was accompanied by tears because I knew, back in the gym, I trained harder than anyone else.”

After mentioning that he was 30 at the time, Delay sought to determine if facing opponents younger than him contributed to his defeat, to which he responded in the negative.

 “Those you met were in their twenties,” 41-year-old Delay said. “You’re 30. If I date you, I become your sugar mummy, I’m just saying. So, if you fought were younger, could that be the reason you lost?”

Once again, this became an opportunity for Macbones to reiterate his admiration for Delay as he posed a question to ascertain if she had concerns about age.

He asked, “Do you care about that?” leaving Delay puzzled. She responded, “About what?”

He clarified, “About being older than me,” and they both laughed.

In the initial stage of the interview, Macbones was starstruck as he openly expressed his desire to marry Delay.

“Wow!” was the first word he exclaimed upon being welcomed to the show. “I can’t believe it,” he added when asked about the reasons behind his expression.

“I can’t believe I’m seated right in front of you,” exclaimed Macbones before he disclosed the communications he has had with people about marrying her. “You can ask Sister Denta; I’ve always told her that I won’t marry anyone except you. Meeting you is all part of God’s plan.”

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