Arrests regarding vote monitisation laudable, don’t be frustrated – Alex Segbefia to Special Prosecutor

Alexander Segbefia

Director of International Relations for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alex Segbefia has expressed his commendation for the Special Prosecutor’s actions in arresting Kofi Owusu Nkansah.

Mr Segbefia, who has now been released, was suspected of to the alleged distribution of money to delegates ahead of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) primaries.

Speaking on JoyNews, Segbefia praised the move, considering it a positive step in the right direction for the prosecution regime.

“As far as I am concerned, the OSP is well within his rights. First of all, act on complaints about someone. We are yet to clarify that issue, but if he has a complaint, he is duty-bound to investigate, no matter the outcome. Let me use this opportunity to tell the OSP that he is the leader of a new body that is going to be very difficult for people to stomach. He is already in a difficult position because of the acts that brought him into force and his limited powers due to the attorney general actually having the power,” he said on Newsfile on Saturday, January 13, 2024.

He emphasized the importance of upholding legal standards and ensuring accountability, stating that the arrest aligns with the principles of justice.

The NDC official also addressed the issue of vote-buying, pointing out that engaging in such practices should not be normalised.

Mr Segbefia urged adherence to ethical conduct, highlighting that the actions of a few should not be a justification for others to partake in similar practices.

According to the former Deputy Chief of Staff, despite these obstacles, the Office of the Special Prosecutor must continue to combat corruption.

Mr. Segbefia advised the OSP not to be disheartened by the challenges of combating corruption, which can be a frustrating task.

He urged the OSP to remain focused and committed to its task while urging the public to support the office.

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