Abioye Oyetunji launches foundation to equip 5,000 youth with tech skills

More than 5,000 youth on the continent are expected to benefit from a training programme to equip them with essential knowledge skills to survive in the ever-changing technologically driven business world.

Consequently, the Chief Executive Officer of FXKudi, a fintech company offering borderless money transfers on the continent, Abioye Oyetunji, has launched a foundation to execute the initiative.

Dubbed, “Abioye Oyetunji Tech Foundation”, the initiative would train the beneficiaries in software development, product design, data science, data analysis and tech entrepreneurship in general among other relevant skills by 2033.


The CEO, Abioye Oyetunji, explained that the initiative had been designed by FXKudi, the technology company, to help reduce employment.

“Unemployment has been one of the critical issues facing most youth in Africa, and we need to find an urgent solution to it.

This training program will provide underprivileged youth the opportunity to learn employable skills to be able to compete effectively in the job market.

“It will also go a long way to reduce the poverty in our communities,” Abioye Oyetunji said.


The CEO said through the launch and sales of his book titled, “Technology Entrepreneurship”, he intends to raise $ 1 million to help support the initiative.

The book tells the story of his business journey, growth, challenges, and lessons that are vital for industry players and people aiming to venture into entrepreneurship.  

It highlights his journey as a student and becoming an entrepreneur.

“The lessons learned and how others can learn from my mistakes and successes.

“In all, I am looking at inspiring the youth through this book with my journey,” he said.

He added that support for this initiative could be done through the website of the foundation at https://aotechfoundation.com/donation.


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