2023 ends with 23.2%, ‘gorbɛ’ and 19 other products record rates above 40%

The latest data released by the Ghana Statistical Service indicates that, the inflation rate for December 2023 stood at 23.2%.

This figure reveals a decrease from November 2023’s rate of 26.4%. However, a more detailed analysis shows a nuanced situation: certain items, including fried plantain and beans (gorbɛ), experienced inflation rates surpassing 40%.

Specifically, the price of fried plantain and beans, known as ‘gorbɛ’, surged by 44.5% in December 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

Over just a month—from November to December 2023—gorbɛ prices increased by an average of 6.3%, contributing 1.5% to the national inflation rate.

Among the 20 items flagged by the Statistical Service for potential policy attention, tea bags, carrots, crabs, and country milk all exhibited inflation rates exceeding 50%.

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